Разговорный английский онлайн. Идиоматические выражения 3 часть

Идиоматические выражения, описывающие Danger (Опасность):

Have a narrow escape = just manage to avoid danger or trouble
-избежать опасность
The crew had a narrow escape when the pilot made a crash landing.

Something sets alarm bells ringing = something worries you because it is a sigh that there may be a problem
-что-то подозрительное происходит
The strange look she gave me set alarm bells ringing.

Take your life in(to) your hands = do something very risky
You’re taking your life into your hands crossing the road here.

Your life is in someone’s hands = that person can affect whether you live or die
-“жизнь в чужих руках”
When you go into hospital, you put your life in the hands of strangers.

Идиоматические выражения, описывающие Effort (Усилие, прилагать усилия):

Give something your all = use all your energy and effort to do something
I gave it my all, but took only the third place.
Go all out = use a lot of energy and effort to do something

Jack is going all out to win the contract – I hope he’ll succeed.
By hook or by crook = use whatever methods are necessary
Our football team is determined to win the championship, by hook or by crook.

Идиоматические выражения, Saying something is easy (что-то очень легко):

How was your test, difficult? (Как тест, сложный?)
  • child’s play = extremely easy
  • a peace of cake = extremely easy (informal)
  • a doddle = extremely easy (informal)
  • an easy as falling off a log = extremely easy (informal)
  • as easy as taking candy from a baby = extremely easy

Идиоматические выражения, описывающие Feelings (Чувства):

Good/positive feelings (Позитивные чувства):
  • To be on the top of the world = happy
  • To be thrilled to bits = happy
  • To be cool, calm and collected = relaxed, prepared, in control
  • Something makes someone’s day = makes someone’s feel very happy/satisfied
  • To jump for joy = feel very glad and happy

Bad/negative feelings (Негативные чувства):
  • To be/feel down in the dumps = depressed
  • To be/feel on edge = nervous
  • To be sick and tired = to have had enough (negative)

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